SIALKOT-Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) President Makhdoom Javed Hashmi has declared that the PTI will give a hard time to the PML-N government now after wait for the government for a year to materialise its election promises, saying that now his party will play its due democratic role in a positive manner.

He stated this while addressing the party workers and the newsmen at a local factory here on Thursday.

PTI Central Deputy General Secretary Umer Dar and local leaders including Usman Dar, Khawaja Arif Ahmed and Shah Nawaz Cheema were also present on the occasion.

Hashmi strongly criticized the government, saying that the rulers failed to deliver on their political promises and tall claims high slogans. He claimed that the day of May 11 would be another historical day in the national history, when hundreds of thousands of people would march towards Islamabad to voice their resentment against the government poor policies on the call of PTI.

To a question, Javed Hashmi elaborated that though the PTI did want to topple the government, it time for the PML-N government to wake up and fulfil all political promises, saying that the PTI would play its pivotal role to strengthen sustainable democracy in the country.

The PTI president added that the government had pushed the nation into the quicksand of problems including crippling energy crisis, lawlessness, terrorism, unemployment, poverty and skyrocketing prices of daily-use items.

To another question, he pointed out that he had great respect for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif but his (Hashmi) actual captain was Imran Khan. He made it clear that Father of The Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was his real and true leader, saying that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the great and true leader of Pakistan.

He said that though the PTI had boycotted a private media group, it held Hamid Mir in respect. He said that the PTI would accept and support every verdict in the Hamid Mir inquiry commission.

While speaking on the occasion, Umer Dar (Central Deputy General Secretary of PTI) said that the government’s economic, internal and external policies had perturbed every person in the country, adding that the government policies had deprived the common man of basic rights and facilities.