LAHORE  - PTI high command has sought explanation from party president, Javed Hashmi, over his double-edged statement, which he made in the parliament ahead of party’s May 11 show against rigging.

Though Hashmi also talked about his party’s protest demonstration against rigging on May 11 at D-Chowk, Islamabad yet his party men were confused to understand the real message in his statement.

As no PTI leader was ready for on the record comment over the fresh slip of tongue of the party’s central president in the parliament, some of the key leaders requesting not to be named said,

“We fail to understand what Mr Hashmi intends to achieve or target with his double-edged statement ahead of May 11 show. He said PTI rally is not aimed at derailing the democracy but amazingly at the same time he assured full support to the prime minister for the continuity of the ongoing democratic process.”

Close aides of the party chief told this correspondent on Thursday that top leadership had sought explanation from central president Javed Hashmi over his ‘ambiguous or dual-meaning statement’, however the leadership would not make the development public fearing negative impacts against May 11 show.

They informed that Javed Hashmi would give an explanation to the party chief in person, besides an informal written reply for the satisfaction of other party leaders.

They quoted the senior party leaders as saying that damage had already been done to the party’s image by Javed Hashmi’s statement, as the social media was swarming with the reaction of the party members, besides propaganda of the government’s spin doctors.

They added that youths of the party on which PTI mostly depended was deeply perturbed over their central president’s double-edged remarks and proposed the top leadership for politely asking Hashmi to resign from his party office and stay away from party politics as long as he would not be accommodated in some other political camp.

A senior member of the ruling party, when asked about the possibilities of Hashmi’s comeback to the PML-N, said, “Hashmi remained with PML-N in its hard times and still popular in the ruling party. However no discussion took place among top leadership concerning the possibilities of Hashmi’s immediate comeback. But nothing can be predicted about the future.”

PTI central president, Javed Hashmi, on Wednesday had said that he would not let anyone to derail the ongoing democratic process and assured full support to the prime minister for the continuity of democratic system in the country.

He said, “I will stand by Nawaz Sharif for the sake of democracy.”

Hashmi also said that May 11 demonstration was not aimed at derailing the democratic system of the country.

PTI central president earlier in his first speech in the parliament had declared Nawaz Sharif as his leader. The statement had infuriated the party chairman who sought explanation from him.

Hashmi told the party chief during a meeting, after the episode, that wrong selection of words and slip of the tongue was behind that ‘mistake’ and he didn’t really meant what he unfortunately said while greeting Nawaz on becoming Leader of the House.

Hashmi, following directions of the party chairman, later held a press conference to clear the apprehensions of the shocked party workers.

PTI vice chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi told the media that declaring PML-N chief as his leader by Javed Hashmi was just a matter of slip-of-tongue and nothing else.