BAJAUR AGENCY  - Unidentified militants have blown up a government-run school in Kamangra area of tehsil Nawagai, Bajaur Agency with explosives on late night Wednesday Thursday, residents of the area said.

They said that a group of armed men entered the building of Government Boys Primary School at Kamangra and planted explosives inside the building. Local said that the blast razed the school's building to the ground but no one was injured or killed in the incident. The political administration of the agency confirmed the incident.

Shah Naseem Khan, Assistant Political Agent Nawagai sub division of Bajaur told Thursday that the school building was totally destroyed in the blast.

He said that watchman was present in the school but he was forced out by the militants from the building and then planted explosives to destroy the building.

Soon after the incident members of village defence committee reached the spot and opened firing on militants but they managed escape from the site.

Meanwhile, the local administration with the help of Bajaur Levies on Thursday launched a search operation and arrested several suspected militants and owner of the school's land.

According to officials of local administration so for 110 schools have been blown up by militants in Bajaur and since August 4, 2013, this was the first government-run educational institution destroyed in the region. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the incident.