CM Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah, gave some silly excuses in an attempt to escape responsibility for the Thar debacle. The high mortality rate for mothers and child morbidity was placed on the shoulders of untrained midwives. The death of more than 200 children due to malnutrition caused an uproar, but the Sindh government’s response was unclear. It rejected the allegations against the government’s inefficiency, incompetence and sheer criminal negligence. In court, the Sindh government, accepted responsibility while denying it in the Assemblies and in front of the media. The CM said there were water filter plants installed all over Thar. He might be right to some extent, as far as installation is concerned, but most of them are non-functional.

The CM’s assertion that women don’t avail services of qualified medical staff and prefer to seek untrained midwives implies that there is a network of public health facilities, with qualified medical staff; this is a contradictory statement, as the Sindh government accepted that no medical staff is ready to serve in Thar. The people of Thar have been insulted by the CM’s remarks and they resent the silence of the MPA elected from Thar. The contradictory comments and continued inaction of Sindh government has made the Sindh Assembly a laughing stock.


Johi, May 7.