Another strike in Karachi, the port city and commercial hub of Pakistan, has taken its toll in terms of multifaceted losses in the city, only economic loss being to the tune of Rs 3.5 billion per day. Each strike in Karachi leaves in its wake huge loss of life and property. Non-availability of transport deprives the daily wager of his earning resulting in starvation by his family. In addition, the disregard for ongoing examinations, while giving strike calls, and the Government’s failure to ensure uninterrupted conduct of the exams is a horrifying feature of these strikes, putting at stake the future the young generation.

Although these strikes have not been effective in serving the intended purpose, nothing is being considered to adopt other measures to make the Government apprehend the killers of political activists. The Government’s inaction to mitigate the harmful effects of these strikes is a criminal negligence and violation of the freedom of rights contained in the constitution because on the day of strike all kinds of the rights cease to exist. At least, the Government can take these strikes as an opportunity to prove that it is strong enough to establish and maintain its writ.


Karachi, May 3.