NEW DELHI - An Indian court jailed 13 people Friday over an attack on a professor whose hand was chopped off after being accused of blaspheming in an exam paper.

The group were handed jail terms ranging from three to eight years at a court in the southern state of Kerala after being convicted last week on charges including attempted murder and conspiracy. TJ Joseph, a lecturer at Kerala’s Newman College, was attacked in June 2010 following an allegation that a Malayalam language question paper he had set for his students included blasphemous remarks about Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Joseph has denied the allegation of blasphemy, saying he lifted the question from a book approved by Newman College which mainly caters for post-graduate students.

The attackers, followers of a radical group known as the Popular Front of India, dragged Joseph out of his car on his way home from Catholic mass before severing his wrist with a sword.

The attack caused widespread outrage in Kerala, a southern state with a large Catholic population. Prosecutors produced more than 300 witnesses before the court to establish their guilt.