Electronic media keeps great significance in the world of today. Now a days, the impact of media has become very strong in politics. It has played an important part in brining change in our political setup. Either you support or opposite media, it proves to be an important factor in deciding the fate of the people .

Its is an obvious fact that worsening political situations, and undesirable socio economic conditions are a fuel to media’s working. It is perceived that whenever calamities fall on people, almost all the networks seem to be very active to cash in.

It is appropriate for the government and the people to think over the working of media. People should contemplate over the survival and the future of young generation. The morale of youth seems to be at razors edge because of the uncontrolled working of TV channels. If the young generation is not properly protected, it is sure to be spoil and destroyed. In the name of knowledge , education, information, entertainment and freedom of thought, we can’t allow our moral fabric to be scattered or shattered .

SUBIQA FATIMA, Karachi, April 22.