Ajmer: In another case of backward community people being subdued in society, two dalit grooms were thrashed by villagers after they arrived on horses for their wedding in the remote Chindaliya village of Makrana block on Thursday night. Angry villagers also forced family members of the bride to stop the music being played. Finally, the grooms had to walk out of the house of the brides.

Makrana police on Friday registered a case against six villagers under Dalit Atrocity Act and are trying to arrest them. There was tension in the village after the incident with dalit organizations demanding action against the 'samants' of the village.

According to sources, Bhomaram, a dalit of Chindaliya village, fixed marriages of his two daughters Swaroop and Bhagwati with Rajuram and Gajender, sons of Lichman of Pabupura village of Naguar district. The marriage was fixed on May 7 and relatives of Bhomaram gathered to celebrate the occasion. On Thursday evening the marriage procession reached the outskirts of the village from Pabupura village where both Rajuram and Gajender with relatives and friends prepared to reach the house of grooms.

The procession started late with a musical band and the grooms climbed onto horses for the ritual of 'toran'. When the procession reached inside the village, the Jat community got angry and gathered on the street and declared the procession as unreligious.

"They brought sticks and threatened us and forced my sons to get down from the horses as they don't allow dalits from the village to ride on horses," said Lichman, father of grooms to police.

Villagers also stopped the band and directed the procession to walk quietly to the house of the brides without looking upward. When the news broke at the house of grooms, Bhomaram along with his relatives reached the spot and tension spread in the village. Someone called the police and two constables from Makrana police station reached the spot after half-an-hour.

Both sides this morning filed an FIR in the Makrana police station and demanded action against the accused. "We have registered a case against six people of the village and others under dalit atrocity and started investigation. Arrests will be made soon," said Dilip Soni, SHO of Makrana police station. He added that police was deputed for peace and order in the village.

Courtesy Times of India