ISLAMABAD - Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr. Mussadik Malik has said that improved foreign policy and economic measures are yielding required results.

Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said the country’s relations with international community were improving and national economy was strengthing gradually. Besides, foreign reserves were increasing steadily, he added.

Terming them ‘an achievement’ of the PML-N government, he said analysts and experts were appreciating the present government’s foreign policy and measures taken for economic revival.

The government, he said, has passed on the benefit of reduced petroleum prices in the international market to the common man, following which prices of daily use items had decreased considerably.

Mussadik said it was the result of better foreign policy that heads of different states were frequently visiting Pakistan and signing agreements in diverse fields.

He said historic foreign investment had started pouring in the country as international and local investors were showing keen interest to invest in different sectors after seeing prudent economic policies and conducive business environment.

Meanwhile, economic analyst Dr. Murtaza Mughal said “Foreign investment has been increasing and economy is improving due to policies of government.” He said the government was committed to improve law and order and overcoming the prevailing energy shortage in the country. He urged political parties to play their due role and support the government efforts, setting aside petty political differences.