Let’s say this is not the reality. Let’s say this girl, 15 years old or less, donned in the throwaways of the lady of the family not her size and taking care of kids just a couple of years younger than her, is perfectly okay with her fate. Let’s say she looks sadder than the other kids playing around just because she does not want to be happy. Let’s just not assume that she’s being treated unfairly.

Let’s assume for a while this girl is given all that she deserves. Take all the claims of the “owners” of this girl at face value, that the girl is treated just like the other kids in the house. Let’s say she’s being given “almost” the same quality of education that the other kids in the house enjoy. I mean, just assume the books proffered to her to peruse during her spare time (which she never finds because she’s too overburdened with domestic chores) are more or less like the books given to other kids in their grammar schools. Let’s say, she does not seem smart like the kids she’s supposed to take care of only because she’s naturally dumb and/or too lazy to take her studies seriously. Let’s say they take great care to leave aside for her some of the delicious meal and that she lives in the servant quarter just because she loves to be alone sometimes.

Maybe she’s not a kid at all. Let’s say she’s actually in her early twenties and just looks like a kid. Let’s say she has developed a mature mind and does not think like kids. She, maybe, does not want to have the same chocolates that other kids have every time they go shopping. Let’s say she has no craving for toys and she does not like to play with other children. Let’s suppose she does not at all have the feelings that "normal" children do.

Let’s assume it’s by sheer coincidence that she, and not a boy, has been chosen to serve the family. Let’s say the family was not considering hiring a girl just because they were threatened by the fact that the boy would grow up and might jeopardize the honour of the females of the house. Let us also assume that there is no chance of any male member of the family harassing her either now or in the future.

Let’s say the lady of the family is really a feminist! Let’s say she starts her fight for the rights of women right from her own house and gives this girl all she wants and deserves (although only after making sure that the poor girl is doing her job properly. And rightly so, after all she’s a paid servant, not just a kid). And let’s say she has never scolded or beaten her. Assume too that the male head of the family is a children’s rights activist in the truest sense of the word. He takes care of the poor girl and heartily consoles her after she’s beaten up by the rest of the kids or scolded by his wife. Let’s assume the girl is in safe hands and is doing great.

And let us also assume that the family of this poor girl is given a handsome amount of money after every few months, not as the price of her labor, of course, but only as a "good gesture", and that this money helps the poor family manage things they otherwise couldn’t. Let’s say the family of the poor girl is made up of the happiest people on the planet, thanks to the money that they receive every few months from the girl’s masters. Say, the owners of the poor girl are also very happy to have a cheap maid and also to have their spiritual selves satisfied by the "charity" that they began at home. Assume the girl herself is very happy to be a "part" of such a nice, civilized family giving her a peek into the elite lifestyle, which she could not otherwise see. Let us simply assume that it’s a win-win situation for all three parties.

Having assumed all of this, make one final assumption: there really is no moral issue in hiring a little 12-year-old girl as your maid to raise the children you ought to have brought up.