LAHORE - The Lahore High Court has adjourned the hearing of a petition seeking directions for the federal government to repatriate former ambassador to USA Hussain Haqani - the main accused of Memogate Scandal.

While hearing the case on Friday, Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah asked the petitioner’s counsel to argue on the objection raised by the Registrar office on the petition on next hearing - May 11.

Earlier, a registrar office had objected to the petition that it was not maintainable. But the petitioner had challenged the objection in the court.

A citizen Iftikhar Hussain had filed the petition that Hussain Haqqani had been ambassador to USA but he committed high treason. He added the country honored Haqqani but he brought bad name to Pakistan all over the world. The Memo Commission also found him guilty but he was allowed to leave the country and settle in USA, the petitioner contended.

Hussain requested the court to order the federal government to bring Haqqani back and bring him to justice for committing high treason.