ISLAMABAD - National Transmission and Dispatch Company Limited (NTDCL), under its Power Transmission Enhancements Investment Programme, has started a vital project of 600 km long 500 kV Jamshoro - Moro - Dadu to Rahim Yar Khan transmission line and 500 kV Switching Station at Moro along with necessary extensions at existing 500 kV substations of Jamshoro, Dadu and Rahim Yar Khan with the estimated cost of $180 million funded by ADB.

According to the spokesman for timely completion the project has been bifurcated into two packages. Package-I is further divided into three Lots. In Lot-1, 202 km transmission line will be constructed from Jamshoro to Moro.

While 232 km long transmission from Dadu - Moro to Goth Qazi Mahar would be build under lot-2 and 166 km transmission line will be constructed from Goth Qazi Mahar to Rahim Yar Khan under lot-3.

Under package II, spokesman said, 500 kV Switching Station at Moro will be constructed additionally, extension works at existing 500 kV Substations at Jamshoro, Dadu and Rahim Yar Khan would also be carried out. The project is part of NTDCL’s overall power development programme which will be completed in Dec 2016, spokesman said.

The main objective of the project is enhancement & extension of NTDC’s existing system to provide appropriate facilities for dispersal of power proposed to be generated from southern part of the country to the load centers to meet the power demand of the country, he said, adding, the bulk power generation has been planned in southern area based on imported coal near Karachi, local coal in Thar area and wind power plants of Sindh.

The spokesman further said that Managing Director NTDC has directed NTDC engineers and Chinese contractors to speed up the construction work and complete the project well in time. He further said that project is being implemented by Chief Engineer (MP&M) NTDC and supervised by Nespak.