Pakistan and China agreed to elevate their bilateral relationship to all weather strategic cooperation partnership that envisages strong defence and security ties, continued nuclear energy cooperation and expansion of trade.

The two countries have also kicked off the implementation of an unprecedented 46 billion dollar Pakistan China Economic Corridor a combination of transport and energy project. This is huge news for Pakistan. The level of investment by the Chinese is unheard of till date and when fully implemented this will bring great prosperity to Pakistan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping made his first official overseas trip to Pakistan this year. By making Pakistan a priority and Pakistan in turn according him great honour the all weather friendship of these two countries is further strengthened. Our western allies and foes alike must have taken notice and it gives a clear signal that Pakistan does not wish to lag behind in any area.

The PML-N government has yet another feather in its cap, let’s hope for the success of this Pakistan China endeavour.


Lahore, April 21.