S:    The issue of polio vaccination in Pakistan bothers me so much. Its like how Indian Muslims refused to get lands in the vicinity of newly irrigated canals believing that the water from these would cause them to lose fertility. Better sense prevailed with the Hindus who managed to obtain land and further their economic prospects. It is the same situation now with polio. No other Muslim country has a polio emergency. When will we learn?

A:    These foreign made chemical medicine have always been doubtful considering their side effects.

S:    Have you lost it too? Back in the day when small pox used to kill so ruthlessly, these foreign made chemicals saved so many lives. Why are you so skeptical about foreign made things, is it a phobia or something?

A:    I'm just speaking from what I’ve read. These progressions in medicine have never been perfect. Who’s to say the doubts are right.

S:    Just look at our growth rate. If anything, it is rising exponentially. We consume foreign things like anything. Saving our young ones from polio should be a prime concern in every household of the country. Would you like to have disabled populace which will never be able to have a normal life and be part of the mainstream like the rest of them who had opted for immunisation.

A:    I would love to but one condition remains that these vaccines should be manufactured in Muslim countries by the Muslim people with Muslim resources.That would help phenomenally.

S:    Do you think they produce oil using their own resources?