The debate on social media


The Neutral view

Karachi_Post @Karachi_Post

Very interesting end for George Galloway,he always courted the Anti MQM Mirpuri community by talking against Altaf but still lost . #UK

Roshan M Salih@RmSalih

Sorry George Galloway lost in Bradford. Many have told me he wasn't a good local MP but his advocacy of Muslim causes trumps all that for me

The Opposing view

Nervana Mahmoud@Nervana_1

Glad to see many Arabs and Muslims critical of George Galloway. The shameless opportunist thought he can charm them. It didn't work. #GE2015

Rabbi Kenneth Cohen @RabbiKenCohen

White Scottish male George #Galloway calls those who voted for his female Muslim feminist Pakistani opponent "racists and Zionists." Ok.