Hepatitis is one of the most fatal diseases. It was discovered in the initial of eighties; it is defined as the inflammation of the liver tissue. It is derived from the Latin words “Hepat” which means the liver and “itis” inflammation. The typical cause of Hepatitis is a virus that enters into the body through blood stream. 

Firstly, the hepatitis C virus transmitted into the body of healthy person by the contact with the blood of an infected person through open wounds, sores and abrasions. 

Secondly, the hepatitis C virus transmitted to the body of healthy person through blood transfusions of an infected person. 

Thirdly, the hepatitis C virus transmitted to the body of healthy person through sharing cutting equipment’s, and syringes with an infected person. 

Fourthly, a huge section of rural population goes to hairdressers for facial shave. These hairdressers use razors that are not disposable, maybe contaminated, and often reused for shaving without proper disinfection 

Fifthly, the hepatitis C virus transmitted during pregnancy and delivery from infected mother to their child. 

Sixthly, it is occasionally consider that the hepatitis C virus may be transmitted to the healthy person through unprotected sex by the exchange of bodily fluid fluids such as semen and vaginal fluid from infected person. 

Although, a large number of people with hepatitis C never had blood transfusion or do not have any exposure via sexual contact; even they are not drug abuse. They pick up the virus in some way, but it is difficult to establish the source. There are too much effects of this disease which are divided into two categories: the physiological effects and psychosocial effects. The psychosocial effects show the emotional and social consequences of being a hepatitis patient. 


Lahore, May 7.