The Chotu gang of robbers has grown into Frankastien proportions due to lack of vigilance on the part of rulers and machinations of politicians and local war lords. In fact such gangs ought to be controlled by the principle of “Nip the evil in the bud” instead of waiting to allow it to gather strength that would require military gunship helicopters and hundreds of soldiers to contain it.

There is a big question such as the superefficient Chief Minister of Punjab as to how this cancer was allowed to grow without any effective operation under the hawkish eye of C.M. who is known to have a short temper for such robbers. It appears C.M. Punjab is not keeping good health so as not to register on his radar the growth of such a dangerous gang. It is advisable to replace the once energetic C.M. by a younger vibrant man who does not have to run every six months to England for treatment of his chronic illness. The action cannot afford a slack head of province in our risky environment. PML(N) must find a replacement of present C.M. to ensure proper law enforcement.

A wily person like Rana Sanaullah is needed to shoulder the onerous duties of C.M. Punjab who may voluntarily exit to allow a stricter person to replace him. This would be for the good of nation as circumstances cannot be allowed to slip to breaking point. Imagine the cost in men and money to control the Choutoo gang so far!


Lahore, April 20.