The World Health Organization (WHO) two years back certified South East Asia polio free. India had also been declared as a polio-free nation as well. There are just three countries in the world that still have more than just a few polio patients and sadly Pakistan is also counted in this auspicious list among Afghanistan and Nigeria.

It is a disease caused due to unawareness of people. They don’t have any idea that it is a need of every child so as to continue a normal life. There is a vast number of people who are now helpless and feel guilty just because they did not consider it important for their young ones. Everyone needs to understand that this is not only a need but a right of every child.

The government of Pakistan should create awareness about this disease all over Pakistan. The federal government as well as provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa must create awareness among citizens living in the province to convince them that the government wants to eradicate polio from the country without intending to harm the people.


Karachi, March 30.