How would it feel driving three kilometers in forty-five minutes or more twice a day? This situation exists between Kahuta turn and nullah Lai Bridge on the G T Road in Rawalpindi. Living in DHA and commuting to city every day is an ordeal, which I daily face. On this stretch of road are located, schools, universities, and commercial centres. Some kind of construction work has been going on it for the last six months without an end in sight. Even Wapda that has presumably been paid to relocate its poles in the said piece of road has not done its job. Punjab government follows lopsided policies fervently where it wants to but ignores where attention must be paid urgently. Same is the case on similar length of road on the Multan road in Lahore from Niazbeg Thokar to Shapur road turn where permanent traffic chaos prevails. This stretch of road too needs adding at least a lane on left of road facing down country. CM Punjab takes quick decisions and ensures their execution but his priorities are not even-handed. 


Rawalpind, April 4.