LOS ANGELES-Adam Lambert has declared a ‘’new era’’ with the announcement of his new single ‘New Eyes’.

The 37-year-old star took a break from his solo career four years ago to go on tour with Queen and made his comeback in February with the single ‘Feel Something’, which saw him address coming out of a ‘’dark period’’ where he became ‘’depressed’’.

The 37-year-old singer had been struggling with pressure in his career to ‘’compromise on [his] artistic vision’’ that led to him ‘’second-guessing’’ himself and entering into a downward spiral.

However, now he has teased a whole new chapter, kicking off with ‘New Eyes’, which is released on May 15.

He tweeted: ‘’A new era begins May 15th: My new single NewEyes .’’ When he announced ‘Feel Something’, Adam penned an open letter to fans which read: ‘’Let me offer a most sincere thank you for your patience and continued faith in me. You’ve pushed me to keep going even when I felt discouraged.