KARACHI-PTI Karachi President Khurram Sher Zaman claimed on Wednesday that the Sindh government has broken all records of corruption evident from the report of Auditor-General of Pakistan (AGP), while real disappointment is the disappearance of Rs1.867 billion of Zakat money from the account of the provincial government.

“The provincial ministers haven’t left even the money supposed for the help of the poor, needy and disabled persons,” he alleged, adding that the PPP ministers looted Zakat donations for disabled persons, as well as the money for orphans amounting to Rs1.9 billion.

“This amount is a small portion of the report prepared by Auditor-General of Pakistan as the PPP ministers committed corruption to the tune of thousands of billions of rupees,” he alleged, claiming that the AGP report in fact termed the Sindh government corrupt. The PTI MPA said that Sindh Bank did not distribute Rs1.17 billion collected in the head of Zakat to deserving people. “Sindh Bank was earning profit on Zakat funds by placing it in saving account for four months,” Khurram Sher Zaman charged.

He claimed that Zakat Committees could not provide account of expenses of Rs20 million in Badin, Thatta, Larkana, Hyderabad and other districts of Sindh. “It exposed the ill intentions of Sindh Government beyond any doubts,” he asserted.

Khurram Sher Zaman said the PPP government ministers are only habitual of give statements on media for character assassination of the political opposition. “When we ask them about their performance, they have no reply,” the PTI lawmaker said.

He said that out of control officer mafia has committed corruption in the income of mausoleums, adding that every department of Sindh is plagued with corruption. “Officers as well as ministers are both involved in corruption,” he regretted.

“Sadly, Peoples Party has snatched bread, clothes and shelter from the public of Sindh over the last eleven years. PTI will not let the PPP government hide its corruption in any way. We will obtain an account of each and every penny they looted through corruption from public exchequer,” he expressed his resolve.


K-Electric delegation called on Minister for Energy Sindh Imtiaz Sheikh and Minister for Local Government Saeed Ghani and reiterated the power utility’s commitment to provide maximum possible relief to customers during Ramazan.

The KE delegation, headed by its CEO Moonis Alvi, briefed the ministers about the power utility’s summer preparedness in terms of up-gradation of infrastructure for reliable power supply as well as its support to heat prevention camps, set up by different NGOs across Karachi, aimed at providing relief to citizens.

During the meeting, it was highlighted that additional power requested by KE from the national grid is critical to exempt residential customers in Karachi from loadshed during Sehr and Iftar. Moreover, it was shared that the power utility has been engaging with concerned authorities for some time now to bridge the anticipated supply shortfall during peak summer in Karachi. KE’s request for additional power from the national grid has been principally agreed to by the Ministry of Energy (Power Division), and is to be taken up with the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) for its approval.

The ministers were informed that loadshedding exemption for residential power customers in Karachi during Sehr and Iftar will be announced as soon as KE’s request for additional supply of electricity is approved by the concerned authority.