After a long and arduous journey, the consumers in Sindh can breathe a sigh of relief. Consumer Courts in 23 districts of Sindh as well as in 6 districts of Karachi have been established as per the Sindh Consumer Protection Act of 2014.

Any consumer who has a complaint against any product or service can approach these Consumer Courts for the redressal of their grievances. You do not require a lawyer or expenses to file a complaint with these courts, and most cases are resolved within months, as against years with civil courts. Two cases have already been there in favor of consumers. Therefore, there definitely is light at the end of the tunnel.

As consumers, we all have stories of how we have faced obstacles here and there, every now and then. Now we finally have an opportunity to defend our rights. It is therefore in the interest of the consumers themselves to utilize this citizen friendly dispute resolution mechanism, as only a pro-active society can achieve their rights.

For further assistance, “The Helpline Trust” is available at Tel: 35889830.


Karachi, April 19.