We as overseas Pakistanis are passionate about our homeland. Thirsty to invest every dirham, riyal, dollar and pound we have into our motherland.

Having recently visited Pakistan; Lahore, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad the smell of corruption lingers through the government, semi-government departments and the police. Expecting a change following Prime Minister Imran Khan’s declaration for a ‘New Pakistan’. I felt utterly disappointed. The normal working class Pakistani has no basic rights as an individual. They struggle to find jobs or hospital admissions without some sort of waste. Albeit, not open the word bribe has now been replaced with ‘ chai, pain’

The dream of Riyast-e-Medina seems just that, a dream. A dream, which I pray, becomes a reality if the right people are for the right jobs. My dream of a beautiful and prosperous Pakistan will only become a reality if we all as caretakers of our beloved country adhere by some basic principles. Such principles include respecting our homeland by avoiding to litter. Respect is another important aspect, which entails people from all occupations. It is high time to look after our environment in a much saner manner.


London, April 18.