Ebola Virus

Over the last few decades, major viral outbreaks have taken over the world from time to time. Once such outbreak constitutes the Ebola Virus. Known as one of the deadliest viruses in the history, EVD outbreak took place on May 9, 1994 in Cote divore.

The said outbreak was not the only EVD over the years; the virus has repeated itself in many forms mainly in the African Continent. Though there has been significant research in the causes of the outbreak, scientists usually terms family transmission and those who have died due to EVD, their bodies might transmit it too. Ebola virus itself has existed long before such outbreaks, mainly due to population growth, rural-urban migration, forest encroachment etc. A major reason why West Africa has been under the epidemic for so long is direct interaction with wildlife coupled with extenuating circumstances.

Although international, stakeholders including WHO has been quite active with eliminating the virus itself, there is still a lot more to catch onto in terms of prevention and vaccination.a