MITHI - Sindh Indigenous Traditional Crafts Company (SITCO) has established a training-cum-production centre in Mithi to promote and develop programs and activities for the preservation and innovation of indigenous crafts of Sindh.

To train and encourage young craftsperson, SITCO is extending trainings programs, financial assistance and understanding of market strategies and encouraged craftsmen cooperatives for fostering up the local traditional skills.

SITCO has facilitated the local artisans particularly women, wage earners and producer groups for creation earning opportunities by providing financial support. SITCO Sindh indigenous and traditional craft company had established the training cum production Centre at Mithi where at least twenty Thari women artisan were being trained to produce the dying stitches and trainees were being paid stipend on monthly basis. The main objective of the center was to revive the dying craft and bring it to the world level through different exhibitions and platforms.