After the order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) to cut the price of CNG by almost Rs 31, many CNG stations all over Pakistan have closed their businesses. These CNG station owners are of the view that now there is no profit to be made in selling CNG at these lowered prices. The government has also failed to take action against these CNG stations. Many CNG stations in Karachi and other cities have remained closed, and people have to fill highly priced petrol in their vehicles. The fares for public transport in Karachi have also not been lowered, with the Sindh transport minister also failing to take any action in this regard. Almost everyone in Pakistan says that the government does not obey the SC’s orders and violates its verdicts. This stubbornness of CNG stations and public transporters shows that no one wants to obey the SC when it is cutting their profit.

If there were an honest and credible government in Pakistan then it would have taken strict action against these mafias.


Karachi, November 7.