ISLAMABAD - Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Thursday that the government would soon unblock YouTube after blocking blasphemous content, reported a private TV channel.While talking to newsmen, Malik said the government would ban sale of mobile SIMs at stores from December 1 and instead they would be sent to users’ homes. “Satellite phones are being misused, and we will not allow anyone to use them without registering them with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA),” Malik told the reporters. The federal minister said security officials had identified sensitive areas regarding Muharram. But he declined to give details. He further said that CCTV cameras and helicopters would be used for monitoring.While assuring the security of rallies in Muharram, he said additional force would be deployed at mosques and Imambargahs. Malik appealed Sunni and Shia communities to remain calm and be aware of miscreants. Commenting on the attack on Malala Yousafzai, the minister said that investigators were close to catching her attackers however it was not clear which Taliban group had attacked her.