LAHORE – SYED SHOAIBUDDIN - PML-N leader Tariq Azeem thinks that the alliance between the PPP and the PML-Q will serve no useful purpose as supporters of one party will not vote for the ally’s candidates in the elections.  Hence, he says, it is a miscalculation that the two parties will be able to defeat the PML-N contestants by putting up joint candidates.

He said this while talking to this reporter after calling on The Nawa-i-Waqt and TheNation Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami here on Thursday.

Mr Tariq Azeem said those who quit the PML-N or were forced to part ways were rejoining the party.

Answering a question, the PML-N leader said the youth had been brought to the forefront by the party in the upcoming elections and 25 per cent of the tickets were given to them.

According to him, the Zardari government was on its way out and would not be able to return despite what he said the US backing. The next government, he said, would be formed by the PML-N and it would have enough parliamentary strength to take steps in the fields of economy, foreign policy and public welfare.

Tariq Azeem said that the incumbent government had wasted an important opportunity to improve ties with Russia.  He claimed that President Vladimir Putin cancelled his visit to Pakistan because the government could not finalise the agreements he wanted to sign during the trip.

In his opinion the Russian leader had decided to undertake a visit to Islamabad after America’s tilt towards India.

About the victory of President Obama, he said it would not immediately affect the Pak-Us ties.  He said that the policy with Pakistan would be decided by the Pentagon not the White House or the State Department. He said the US should set right its policy about Pakistan, stop drone attacks and compensate the drone victims.

He was critical of the performance of the PPP-led coalition, saying it had failed to come up to people’s expectations and honour its commitments. Instead of providing the people with food, shelter and clothing the government had created a situation that the common man was deprived of the essentials and the jobless youth had started committing dacoities. Corruption was rampant, state institutions like PIA, WAPDA, Railways and Pakistan Steel had been destroyed and the situation was so bad that nobody was willing to make any investment.