LAHORE - The three-day Tablighi Ijtima will begin on November 9 in Raiwind .

The first phase of the world’s second largest Muslim preaching congregation will start in Raiwind amid tight security. The congregation will end with pray for peace and prosperity on Sunday.

A large number of Muslims from different parts of the world will attend the congregation, listen to the sermons and say prayers. Muslims from Indonesia, France, Spain, UK, America, Germany, and Afghanistan and from the European countries will participate in the congregation.

The city traffic police have prepared a comprehensive plan while a large number of security personnel will be deployed to ensure security for the congregation.

Walkthrough gates, searchlights, CCTV cameras and police posts have already been set up around the Raiwind Markaz.

Traffic police have also established parking areas to be administered by the town municipal administration. Many stop-and-search points have been established.

Traffic police will block the flow of traffic from Lahore to Raiwind on Raiwind Road on Sunday.

Three special trains: The Pakistan Railways will run three special trains to facilitate the participants of Tablighi Jamaat congregation.

Trains will operate from Karachi and Quetta on November 13 and 14.

The first train will leave Quetta on November 13 at 12pm to reach Raiwind at 11:30am the next day through Jacobabad, Sibbi and Rohri. The second train will leave Karachi City Station on November 14 at 8am to reach Raiwind at 8:15am the next day while the third train will be departed from Karachi City on same day at 9am to reach Raiwind at 9:30am the next day. At the conclusion of the congregation on Nov 18, the first special train will leave Raiwind at 1:35pm for Quetta, the second and third at 3:30pm and 4:30pm respectively for Karachi.