ISLAMABAD - As a nation it is necessary for us to follow the teachings of Allama Muhammad Iqbal to get rid of the vicious circle of frustration and disillusionment.

Amjad Islam Amjad expressed theses remarks while presiding over a Mushaira “Bayad-e-Iqbal” held in connection with the birth anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal arranged by the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) here on Thursday.

Prof. Anwar Masood was the chief guest while Abdul Hameed, Chairman, PAL, presented the keynote address. A large number of poets from Islamabad/Rawalpindi and other cities also participated in the event and paid tribute to Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

Amjad commented that the present era is a victim of disturbance and depression and to rectify it we need to get guidance from Allama Iqbal’s teachings and philosophy.

It is a part of the lives of the nations to face ups and downs. We have to show unity among our ranks as a nation.

Abdul Hameed, Chairman PAL, said that the main source of inspiration of Iqbal’s poetry is the teachings of Islam. He tried to make Muslims aware of their great history and the marvelous achievements their forefathers got in the past.

He gave Muslims a dream of an independent nation in the sub-continent and also showed them the right way to get this objective. It is quite interesting to note that Iranians consider Iqbal as their poet.

They followed the way Iqbal stressed in his poetry to adopt for success in life.

A number of poets on the occasion presented their poetry. These poets included Amjad Islam Amjad(Lahore), Prof. Anwar Masood, Haleem Qureshi, Aziz Ejaz(Peshawar), Qamar Raza Shahzad (Lala Musa), Shehzad Qamar (Deena), Siddique Suraj, Shamsher Haider (HariPur), Shehzad Baig (Faisalabad), Saeed Doshi (Taxila), Mirza Sikandar Baig (Jehlum), Attia Syed (Wah), Khawar Naqvi, Ali Arif, Aftab Zia, Siddique Fankar, Wafa Chishti, Ali Ahmed Qamar, Safdar Wamiq, Iqbal Hussain Ifkaar, M. R. Shafaq, Ahmed Mehmood-uz-Zaman, Shahab Safdar, Abdul Qadir Tabaan, Aziz Faisal, Naveed Malik, Tanveer Qadri, Bedil Jaunpuri, Asghar Abid and others.