The Young Doctors’ Association (YDA) has every reason to be happy and feel justified in celebrating the recognition that they needed better service structure. The Punjab government has shown magnanimity and accepted 42 of out of their 54 demands. However, the role played by the Lahore High Court cannot be underestimated for maintaining that the both sides need to show restraint and resolve issues through negotiations.

The YDA has been staging protest demonstrations to pressurize the government to succumb to their demands, striking work at least half a dozen times and leaving patients in the lurch that resulted in the death of several of them. Initially, the government decided to handle them with an iron hand that led to an ugly situation on more than one occasion, as a number of protesting doctors were arrested. It is good that better sense has now prevailed and a lingering issue stands resolved. Doctors must realize their responsibilities of attending to the ailing community with devotion and dedication. At the same time, the government must honour its commitment.