I am writing to you on behalf of Democratic Commission for Human Development (DCHD), a civil society organization, advocating several key legal and social issues including torture. Currently the organization is spearheading a nation-wide campaign against torture. To finalise the findings and ultimately the plan of action against torture, DCHD is organizing consultative workshops in Islamabad and all four provinces.

Pakistan is a signatory to United Nations Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) and meeting the obligations of the convention is its sovereign responsibility. The national campaign against torture would envisage an elaborate plan to raise awareness against torture. It would include documentation of torture cases, consultative workshops in all provincial capitals to tap the stakeholders on their recommendations to run the campaign.

A web portal would be designed to keep the stakeholders and society informed on the campaign. A legal research and analysis group will also be formed along with an expert committee that would oversee and enhance the capacity of the campaign. The national campaign is designed to reach out to people through media where it would entail print, electronic and broadcast media to join the CAT.


Lahore, November 7.