Sindh government on Tuesday created a new district Korangi in Karachi division. Korangi district consists of Model Colony, Shah Faisal, Korangi and Landhi sub-divisions. According to Sindh Government carving out of a new district was a response to a longstanding demand of the people and to provide the city facilities to people at their doorstep.

There are no advantages of this division because administrative system remains same and old faces will run the administrative system. We witnessed Karachi being ruled by a mayor in past. Karachi is not in any position to open the door for new districts. It will only help the PPP in winning more seats in elections and they are more interested in bringing all city resources under their control rather than serving the people of Karachi. Karachi should not be divided otherwise it will harm the whole country. Peace should be established in Karachi by controlling target killing and bomb blasting not for its further division.


Lahore, November 7.