Sometime back I had drawn the attention of the law enforcing agencies to take notice of the indiscriminate aerial firing resorted to by the supporters of the winning politicians during the general elections but none of the violators of this crime seemed to have been proceeded against. I believe we have a law against such aerial firing, but who cares?! Local Bodies elections are in the offing and similar expression of joy and merriment by the winning parties is most likely to take place again.

I would, therefore, request the ECP to include it in the Code of Conduct for the contesting candidates that the candidate would stand disqualified if any of their supporters resort to aerial firing on their success. An argument could be proffered that an opponent could send one or two such gun slingers in to the camp of the winning candidate and thus cause a disqualification. Nothing could be more absurd than this. The supporters must not allow anyone carrying a weapon amongst them. No weapons no firing, as simple as that! That’s the only way to stop this menace and enforce the law.


Rawalpindi, November 2.