I am unable to understand the hue and cry made by the majority of our leaders and government circles over the death of a villain and a mass murderer, Hakimullah Mehsud. They are proclaiming that this recent drone strike would sabotage peace process.

Firstly, as interior minister has said that Pakistan would review relations with US and Mr Khan has threatened to halt NATO supply even at the cost of KP government. Question is why our relations with US were not reviewed on the death of TTP Deputy Chief Waliur Rehman in drone strike on May 29, 2013. Why KP government had not responded with the threat to halt NATO supplies at that time? So their strong worded statements are no more than just a drumbeating and a lip service to satisfy the naïve people. They are routine condemnation statement.

When will we come out of the personality cult? Why our plans and strategies are individual based? Nations can’t survive like this it is system which has to work not the individuals. Talks with TTP should have been systematically planned. As both (Taliban and government) are cognizant of the prevailing situation vis-à-vis US drone policy so the possibility of drone strike is always there till the time US assures to put a stop to it.

There is no denying the fact that these drone strikes are illegal and violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan. But we should not analyze it in isolation from ground realities. The rulers should not let the Taliban take advantage of the situation. They are in state of confusion and they need to be eliminated then and there. There is no other way to deal with mass-murderers.


Islamabad, November 6.