Vince Lombardi, an American football player and coach said that winning wasn’t everything, but wanting to win was. Pakistan cricket team has applied the same rule but turned around as they believe that losing isn’t everything, but wanting to lose is!

Our cricket team has been on a losing streak for a year now. During the period, they have faced some all-time-shameful defeats. Few of those were losing all three matches in the ultimate ICC Champions Trophy; they lost an ODI and a test match against the minnows, Zimbabwe and recent one run loss in ODI against South Africa. The team has certainly learnt to lose. Miserable batting has been the prime cause of these loses. But, unfortunately PCB, coterie of coaches with the team and adhoc batting consultants have poorly failed to address the batting woes of the team and are still waiting for a miracle to happen.

When some younger batsmen fail in a series, instead of mentoring, guiding them to overcome their shortfall in batting techniques, they are replaced with failed-old-ones viz Abdul Razzaq, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Younas Khan etc in the next series. Same has been repeated over and over again without looking for the root cause and addressing that. The current batting woes of the team puts a big question mark on the ability of imported coaches and consultants who are being paid hefty remuneration.

It’s high time the government restructured PCB and showed the door to inefficient management staff, incapable coaches and good for nothing cricketers to purify the game of cricket in Pakistan.


Larkana, November 7.