The frail bodies of the malnourished children of Thar are potent enough to move the hearts of even the most indifferent souls but unfortunately it seems as if we in general and our leaders in particular are devoid of souls or conscious. The height of misery of these people is that even our so called leaders are rendering no efforts to redress their grievances. Why do they fail to realize that Thar is also a part of Pakistan? Would their response have been the same had it been Lahore, Karachi or any other major city?

Is Thar being ignored only because rendering anything substantial in that remote area would not bring any fame? The Chief Minister Sindh claims that it is neither the inefficiency of government nor is it the non-allocation of financial resources but ‘Nature’ that has to be held responsible for this catastrophe. Why does he fail understand that man has learnt to harness nature and to work with it? Nature is not to be blamed for wreaking this havoc, instead it is the corrupt nature of our leaders that needs to be held responsible. Putting the blame on ‘Mother Nature’ does not absolve them of their collective apathy. The question is, this is not the first time Thar has been afflicted these droughts are a recurrent phenomena, but every year the Sind government fails to counter it instead they heightening the dilemma by their obtrusive attitude .

Moreover the federal government also does nothing note worthy to assist the provincial government in combating this disaster. They all need to set aside their grievances and work together to help the people of Thar. Can our leaders justify the demise of thirty innocent children in Thar, owing to this catastrophe under any rational, moral or ethical ground? Why don’t they frame a prevention policy to curb such outbreaks or at least to minimize their hazardous effects? It is time we took actions instead of giving ridicules comments.


Lahore, November 2.