As per a morning talk show of a local TV channel, the Govt is probably thinking of include achievements brought about by democracy in the educational text books, so that our young generation may know advantages of a democratic Government over a dictatorial regime. The idea may sound good, but if it is true, and since the democratic Governments claim to be transparent and just, then they should also ensure writing in the text books about the loans gotten written off by famous parliamentarians, receipt of various quotas by a few well-known public figures, transpiration of few of the biggest monetary scandals in various sectors in the history of Pakistan, deterioration of once profitable public-sector organizations, issuance of unprecedented hundreds of thousands of arms licenses, staying of our top leadership in the most expensive hotels, during their official tours abroad etc, during the regime of the democratic governments. I am sure as usual the truth will be twisted to present only half truths.


Karachi, November 3.