There were various political forces that strenuously opposed any strategic policies towards curbing the issues pertaining to the Taliban. This year the government wasted precious months, trying to vainly forge a path of talks with the Taliban, while the nation stood against the decision to initiate dialogue. Many innocent lives were lost, amidst mutually agreed ceasefire, as Taliban kept abrogating their part of the deal. Common sense dictates that the conduct of an oppressor will never be based on reasonableness, similarly the extremist mind sets of the Taliban can never be satisfied. This is a force that can only be controlled with a counter attack that strikes with stronger force.

The country took a sigh of relief when the army initiated operation ‘Zarb e Azab’ and the fatal attacks reduced in number. However the deadly suicide blast at Wagah speaks volumes about operations against terrorists. This attack was not only retaliation against the army’s operation but planned on a Sunday, when visitors to the popular flag lowering ceremony are at a maximum. Pakistan should divert all its resources against the perpetrators that are constantly trying to tarnish the image of our country.


United Kingdom, November 3.