An Imambargah narrowly escaped 'almost a disaster' when a heavy bomb, having 10-kg explosives, was found and defused in Tehsil Alipur, some 65-km from here on Sunday.

Muzaffargarh DPO Malik Awais said that the bomb was planted in an empty milk drum outside Imambargah Hussainia where a Majlis of women had held on Sunday night. People spotted the bomb and informed the police. The police led by the DPO along with personnel from the Counter-Terrorism Department and Bomb Disposal Squad reached the scene.

Malik Awais said that the CTD and BDS team defused the bomb, carrying 10-kg explosive material of E-3. He informed that explosive material with detonator card and ball-bearing was planted in a milk drum full of sand.

The DPO said that the police and the CTD have launched a crackdown on suspects and pledged to unfurl the facts surrounding the bomb planting soon. The police said that FIR of the incident would be registered at the CTD police station.

No one has accepted responsibility for the bomb so far.