LAHORE: Lahore police yesterday claimed to have arrested 207 members of 82 dangerous criminal gangs under the Nation Action Programme. Spokesman claimed that accused were involved in heinous crimes and arrested by investigation police during the last two months. He said that looted items worth about Rs 50 million and a large number of illegal weapons were recovered from them. The criminal gangs busted by police include Masood alias Suda dacoit gang, Nadeem alias Demi dacoit gang, Ali alias Meru gang.–Staff Reporter

Out of these 207 accused, 103 are hardcore criminals and history-sheeters. These criminals formed gangs in jails and started their activities after coming out. .

The criminals have confessed to more than 537 crimes of heinous nature while stolen and looted items recovered from their possession include cash, cars, motorcycles, auto rickshaws, mobile phones, gold ornaments and other valuables besides a large number of fire arms.