RAWALPINDI: The Punjab government has decided to take action against those doctors who are doing private practice in clinics despite receiving non practice allowance with their salary.

According to rules and regulations the government doctors who are performing their duties in government hospitals, medical collages and others administrative affairs are not allowed for private practice in clinics because the government was giving non practice allowance with salary to them.

The Punjab government received several complaints from the people that the doctors were not available in the hospitals to attend the patients who come in the government hospitals for medical check up because the doctors are busy at private clinics. The patients are made to visit their private clinics for medical treatment after paying heavy fees.

According to sources, after reviewing the complaints, the Punjab government has  decided to take strict action against those doctors, professors and administrative staff who are violating rules and regulations. The scrutiny of the doctors in this regard has been started across Punjab including Rawalpindi district. 

The government has tasked the secret agencies to prepare a complete report about assets of doctors, their administrative affairs, private practice in clinics and to submit the report.