The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) became the first major educational institution in Karachi to declare itself a ‘weapon-free zone. No one, regardless of his rank or designation is permitted to enter the institute with weapons of any kind. Even the security guards do not carry weapons. The IVS deserves praise and appreciation for its bold and unequivocal public stand against weaponisation.

‘Citizens Against Weapons’, is a citizens’ group, working for a peaceful and weapon-free Pakistan. It believes and campaigns for a totally weapon-free citizenry and totally weapon-free educational institutes. No citizen, regardless of his/her rank or status, must be allowed to possess, carry or display any weapon of any kind.

We appeal to all those who regulate, operate, manage, control or monitor any educational institute, private or public, big or small to urgently undertake the following actions: declare all educational institutions as ‘Weapon Free Zones’. This must be displayed prominently by large size banners / posters placed at the entry gates of the institutions, carry out active surveillance to identify compliance of above instructions, encourage teachers and faculty to act as role models for solving problems using non-violent means.

‘Citizens Against Weapons’ appeals to Higher Education Commission, all Vice Chancellors, provincial education ministers, education secretaries, and principals of private and public educational institutes to play their part in building a weapon-free society by publicly declaring their institutes as ‘weapon-free zones’ and ensuring that this rule is strictly applied across the board.


Lahore, October 16.