Islamabad - Fall, the season of stunning burnt hues unveiled its prelude in twin cities as the recent rains brought down mercury welcoming autumn before its usual time.

Though the typical look of autumn is yet to stun the nature lovers, its prelude has brought the crispness to the morning air and sharper shadows as the angle of the sun starts to change and days become shorter with various signs of change in the season. Mostly the season which is an interval between summer and winter becomes a treat for nature lovers with not only its unusual colours but also pleasant change in weather.

Unlike other parts of the country, the fall hues colour the air of Federal Capital with display of vibrant eye catching burnt shades within the glimpses of nature as fall brings change of colour in plants to introduce unique aspects of nature which also give unusual feelings to mood. “This season creates majestic effect on mood and is always considered as an enchanting attraction for artists, poets and nature lovers to discover and explore the beauty of nature,” said Asad, an art student who takes fall season as his inspiration to paint nature in the premises of Shakarparian. The burnt hues replace the bright and fresh colors which is eye-catching as these rare glimpses are offered by nature for a very limited period of time, he said. Autumn lovers say the most attracting thing in this season is the phenomenon when plants change their colours - black tone of greens and browns while reddish touch in rust, ocher and yellows depict the alluring part of the season with vibrant display of colours.

Walking on dry leaves with crispy sounds provide amazing feeling which is considered as the best feature of the season near autumn lovers, it also freshens the mood while looking some lively colors that are only displayed for short period. For sightseers, the capital city has various points where one can feel to be close to the nature as some spots of Margalla Hills, Daman-e-Koh, Pir Sohawa, Lake View Park, Rose & Jasmine Garden, premises of National Monument and some roadsides attract them. Typically the season starts in mid November and goes on its peak by the start of December but the weather change in mid-late October set stage for the fall to appear at its earliest stages in federal capital.

Autumnal scenery with yellow, orange and red leaves on trees and fallen on the ground also bring sadness to some as poets associate it with sadness and loneliness in their poetry while artists mostly capture the fall glimpses in festive means with blazing colours. According to the horticulture experts, the shortening days and cooler temperatures of autumn signal plants to begin a process by which a leaf’s photosynthetic components are disassembled and the nutrients contained within them are moved to stems and roots for storage and re-use the following year. Red pigments are produced during autumn to help shade leaf photosynthetic systems from bright sunlight.