Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has painstakingly elaborated the projects based mainly on coal to generate cheap power for people. It may be said that coal power costs about 8 times more than hydel power, the latter costing Rs. 1.52 per unit against former at Rs. 12/- per unit. Unfortunately the P.M. did not mention the cost of a hydel power project that is most suitable for the poor masses of Pakistan. I wonder what is holding the P.M. from mentioning KBD which is the cheapest formula for cheap power and water availability. We ought to take advantage of Chinese experience in making mega dams like three Gorges dam that generates about 20 thousand MW of cheap power and provides irrigation water for 30% crops of China and in addition controls annual floods thus saving thousands of lives each year. P.M. has chosen to mention Basha dam about which there is no firm assurance for funding while KBD is ready for the word go when in 1985 its tender documents were withheld by Late Mr. Junejo.

How I wish Mian sahib would have been P.M. then to build KBD. But now nothing is lost if the P.M. musters courage to build KBD for which World Bank had already paid for its feasibility study and is even now prepared to fund it if given a green signal for it by us. I pray to Allah Almighty to bestow courage on P.M. to take the Herculean Job of KBD in his hand.


Lahore, October 17.