Lahore Biennale Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote public art by providing critical sites for experimentation in visual expression and experience, hoping to challenge and expand the scope of both.

Their recent contribution was the inauguration of Intersections; a public art project at Istanbul Chowk Lahore. This projects marks the beginning of public art projects in Lahore and was supported by Commissioner’s Office Lahore, Government of Punjab and PHA.  

Istanbul Chowk was inaugurated back in 2012 in Townhall, when the mayor of Turkey, Qader Topbash, and his delegation visited Lahore at the invitation of chief minister of Punjab. 

Back in June 2015, the Lahore Biennale Foundation and the Commissioner's office called out artists to work on an installation at Istabul Chowk. This site was chosen particularly because of it's location. It falls right in the center of the old and the new Lahore, and is hence very significant. A lot of artists wanted to take part in the process and after a lot of consideration, Atif Khan was chosen. His project was called City Within A City.  

Khan believes that birds and nature represent peace within a chaotic setting. His work also examines our own identity as humans within the city setting.