Islamabad - Local police have arrested the management of ‘Street 1 Cafe’ in Kohsar which reopened the cafe after the district administration had sealed it for poor hygiene conditions.

Duty Officer at Kohsar police station, Haider told The Nation that they have arrested four persons for the crime. The cafe was sealed Saturday night along with a few other food outlets but the management of Street 1 Cafe broke the seals and reopened cafe at their own. The citizens informed the local administration which sent a team to check the same. The cafe was sealed again and management responsible has been arrested.

Meanwhile, Sihala police arrested three persons who were involved in snatching valuables from a bank manager after abducting him, a police spokesman said yesterday. According to details, Manager Allied Bank Model Town Humak, Shakeel Ahmed was abducted by three unknown persons when he was going back to home after duty. They took him at a house in a car, tied him with a piece of rope and took away keys of bank, his ATM cards, mobile phone and Rs 42,000 cash. They went out of the home and the abducted Shakeel Ahmed somehow managed to open rope and informed the Rescue 15. He told his location in Bharia town (Phase-VII) and following this information, surrounding areas of the house were cordoned off and checking was started.  A patrolling team of Sihala police and security team of Bharia Town managed to trace the car and arrested three persons. Later, they were identified as Suleman, Haider and Aamir Saleem and police recovered three pistols, ammunition, car as well as motorbike from them. One of the accused Haider was the mastermind of this crime and he also served in the bank as security guard.

Further investigation is under way.