PESHAWAR - Failing to bear the shock of his damaged house, a resident of Buner died of cardiac arrest, leaving his two children under open sky.

While no representative of the provincial government visited the affected area to enquire about the miseries of the calamity-hit people of Buner and ensure them timely compensation.

Living in Kala Butt, village of district Buner tehsil Daggar, poor Muntazir Khan was a daily-wager in Rawalpindi and when he enquired about the health of his family and the plight of his house, his children told him that they are living in open sky in extreme chilled weather while the survey team has even not provided a tent to them.

As a result of this shocking news he died on the spot due to cardiac arrest.

Brother of Muntazir said that his house was badly damaged in earthquake and Tuesday night rain brought havoc and resulted in the complete collapse of the house.

When his brother was informed about this he suffered from severe trauma.

When Tehsil Nazim Khalid Khan visited the house, he expressed deep sorrow over the incident and termed the provincial government responsible for not taking the cognisance of the situation.

He said that he unaware about the criteria of the compensation.

Despite of heavy damages caused by earthquake to houses in district Buner, no one visited the district to assess the losses and provide early relief to the earthquake victims, thus forcing the residents to leave their houses and live in the houses of their relatives.

Though the relief and rehabilitation teams have started work in various districts of Malakand division but they have entirely ignored the affected families of devastated earthquake in District Buner.

Residents of various union Councils including Union Council Daggar, Union council Aba Khail and Union Council Mali Khail has severely criticized the provincial government for not visiting the area to ask about the plight of poor families living in slum houses.

Talking to The Nation Hassan Khan resident of Abba Khail Union council said that government is not serious to address the problems of the poor people as in this earthquake mostly poor families were affected.

He said that people are coming for surveys but no amount was paid to the owners of the damaged houses.

Unfortunately the elected representatives of the district belong to opposition parties except only one MPA and MNA who belongs to Jamaat-e-Isami, but the ruling PTI have also sufficient vote bank and lost the election with slight margin against JI candidate Sher Akbar Khan.

The elected MPA has visited the affected areas but they have no funds to provide to each affected victim.

The residents said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has entirely ignored the areas and he has not given due importance to the district.

The slum houses are not in the position for future accommodation and the people have started work on self-help basis to start repairing work, however those who have no financial resources are living in relatives' houses.

Member of Provincial Assembly Awami National Party Sardar Hussain Babak has also expressed deep concern over the provincial government's lethargic attitude to rehabilitate the earthquake affected families and submitted adjournment motion in assembly secretariat.

He said that the recent earthquake has caused huge financial and human losses to the people of Malakand division but the provincial government failed to ask about the miseries of people in district Buner and Swat. He said that rainy weather and chill has also added to the problems of the affected families while PTI representatives are buys in their routine activities and party re-organization process.

He asked the provincial government to increase the compensation amount of the damaged houses and allow international community to start rehabilitation activities in the earthquake-affected zones.