Islamabad: Reham Khan’s belongings were removed from the Bani Gala mansion on Sunday evening in a highly clinical and organized operation – a week after Imran Khan and Reham went public about their heart-breaking public split.

Many speculative reports were published about the removal of luggage of Reham Khan from the home the couple shared with her former cricket star husband, but for the first time on Sunday her luggage was removed.

A trusted PTI source confirmed to a TV channel that “all belongings of Reham Khan have been removed from Bani Gala , there’s nothing left behind, all traces have gone, and Maximus has been taken away too.”

The report said that Imran Khan’s four sisters and nephews arrived yesterday in Bani Gala and executed the “cleanup operation”.

According to an arrangement, Reham Khan’s nephew Yousuf Khan came to receive the luggage of her aunt Reham Khan . Yousuf Khan was present at the nikah ceremony of the couple and has been pictured with Imran Khan and Reham on several occasions.

A source close to Reham Khan camp also confirmed that the luggage has been taken away and everything happened as per plan.

Maximus, the Belgian shepherd, that was originally bought by Reham Khan in England and taken to Bani Gala was handed over to Yousuf Khan as he was acting on behalf of Reham Khan ,” said the well placed source.

Its understood that both sides exchanged lists and notes prior to the “clean up” and “hand over” operation and everything was done amicably. The luggage removed includes furniture items, suitcases, carpets, clothes, papers, jewellery items, paintings, shoes, belongings of Reham Khan’s children and even cutlery.