Because of difference on the awarding of tickets for the local bodies elections, the ruling party has suffered a major jolt with the creation of its two factions namely PML-N Variyo Group and PML-N Kh Asif Group.

After being denied the ticket by PML-N leadership, the Sialkot based Variyo family's Khush Akhtar Subhani, the former provincial minister, has announced to contest the polls as an independent candidate for the slot of chairman of union council Bhaagowal-Sialkot.

The returning officer has allotted "bucket"(Baalti) as electoral symbol to Khush Akhtar, who was now in the LB polls race as an independent candidate against the PML-N's candidate Amanullah Bajwa.

The decision regarding denying the ticket to Variyo family's scion Khush Akhtar has wondered everyone here. PML-N has awarded its ticket to Aman Ullah Bajwa as its candidate for the slot of chairman union council Bhaagowal-Sialkot.

Amanullah Bajwa, a past friend of Khush Akhtar and present political opponent, is stated to be blue eyed of the local PML-N bigwigs. Amanullah is being supported by Khawaja Asif, federal minister for defence, MPAs Manshaullah Butt, M Ikram and PML-N Sialkot President Idrees Ahmed Bajwa.

On the other side, MNA Armughan Subhani and MPA Tariq Akhtar Subhani are supporting Khush Akhtar. MNA Armughan Subhani, MPA Ch Tariq Akhtar Subhani and Khush Akhtar Subhani jointly awrded PML-N tickets to the candidates for the slots of the councilors and chairman and vice chairman of the union councils, during great political hustle and bustle.

However, it amazed everyone that the political figure who distributed the PML-N party tickets to the other candidates, was denied party ticket.

Talking to the newsmen and party workers here, Khush Akhtar said that he will contest LB polls for the slot of chairman union council Bhaagowal-Sialkot as an independent candidate.

He said that he was contesting with his own electoral symbol for protecting the basic rights of the local people. He said that the PML-N local leaders had also denied party tickets to the other party candidates recommended by the Variyo in different union councils in Sialkot city and Sialkot district especially in union councils Bhaagowal, Kundanpur, Rasulpur Bhalliyaan, Langreywali etc. where the Variyo Family has now fielded its own candidates against the PML-N candidates.

He said that Variyos enjoyed big vote bank in the area and would be contesting the coming LB polls as independent candidates as per the aspirations of the local people, their voters and supporters.

He said that the PML-N local leaders were totally ignoring the Variyo family ahead of the LB polls. He said that the Khawaja Asif and local MPAs Manshaullah Butt, Ikram and local leaders had visited his house for a political patch-up offering him to withdraw. He said that they asked him to withdraw against the PML-N candidate but he (Khush Akhtar) said that he refused to withdraw and vowed to contest coming LB polls as an independent candidate.

He vowed to win the LB polls race as an independent candidate, saying that the time had come to show the actual political worth and power of the Variyos.

The political differences between the local PML-N groups could cause a loss to the ruling party benefiting the rivals.

In Bhaagowal, Khush Akhtar has started his election campaign. He held a big corner meeting and is visiting door to door to lure his voters and supporters.

When contacted, MPA Tariq Akhtar, younger brother of Khush Akhtar, said that not awarding party ticket to his brother was the decision of the PML-N local leadership. Meanwhile, PML-N Sialkot President Idrees Ahmed Bajwa said that the PML-N has awarded party to Amanullah Bajwa as its candidate for the slot of chairman union council Bhaagowal-Sialkot in the party interest.

Electioneering gains vigour



Electioneering has gained momentum after the allotment of electoral symbols to the candidates for the local bodies elections scheduled to be held on December 5 in Sialkot district.

The hustle and bustle is being witnessed in the local courts as the candidates, their voters and supporters are visiting the returning officers.

The returning officers in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils allotted electoral symbols to the candidates in 124 union councils of Sialkot district, 24 union councils of Municipal Corporation, 30 wards in Daska city, 26 wards in Pasrur city and 20 wards in Sambrial city.

Despite the electoral symbols of the main political parties, the electoral symbols like diamond, book, bucket, flower, pigeon and football have been allotted the candidates.

As many as 98 candidates are contesting for the UC chairman and vice chairman slots in 24 union councils of Sialkot Municipal Corporation whereas 541 candidates are also in the race of for 144 seats of general councillors. In district council, 721 candidates are contesting for the slots of the chairman and vice chairman in 124 union councils, where 3,184 candidates are also contesting for 744 seats of the councillors.

In Daska city, 151 candidates are in the race for the slots of councillors in all the 30 urban wards. In Sambrial city, 142 candidates are contesting for the seats of the councillors in 26 urban wards. In Pasrur city, 123 candidates were in the field for 20 urban wards.

Meanwhile, boosted political activities could be witnessed at the Deras of MNAs and MPAs and in and around the political offices of PML-N, PTI, PPP, JI and the independent candidates. LB electioneering is gearing up day by day in Sialkot district.

The candidates are luring their voters and supporters by offering them the lavished meals, hi-tea, sweets, fruits and dry fruits. The candidates have displayed LCDs in their political offices and election halls to lure the voters and supporters, and visiting the areas of their respective union councils and wards while going door-to-door as part of their election campaign.

They make pledges to be the servants of the masses. PML-N's MNAs and MPAs are supervising the LB polls scenario in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils. PTI's central leaders Umer Dar, Usman Dar and Khawaja Arif Ahmed are supervising the election campaign of the PTI candidates.

Former information minister Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, and PPP Sialkot City President Khawaja Awais Mushtaq are leading their party drive. However, JI leaders Arshad Mehmood Baggu Advocate, Sheikh Attiqur Rehman, Arif Mehmood Sheikh and M Qazafi Butt are running the election campaign of JI candidates.